April 26, 2014

Making A Career In Proprietary Trading

There are many of us in the world today that are interested in making a career in proprietary trading. Of course most of us do not have any experience in the field and are wondering how to get started without the experience or even knowing exactly what proprietary trading is. The good news is that if you really have the want and desire to become a proprietary trader getting the experience needed is not hard and anyone can do it.

What A Trading Firm Expects From Their Employees

You will find that a proprietary trading firm will expect a lot from their traders. There is only one reason for this and that is because they can. When a trading firm places an ad to hire for a trader they expect to get at least five hundred to one thousand applicants for the single position. You should know that the competition is high so the more experience that you have the greater your chances of being hired are.

The firm is not going to look at your qualifications closely. They are only concerned with the fact that you could possibly earn them a bunch of money. What they will look at whether or not you have had consistent trading success for six months to a year and the confidence level you appear to have with your own ability to trade.

Getting The Needed Experience

If you want to be a proprietary trader at a firm you will need to obtain some experience. You start by teaching yourself the art of trading. The Internet is a great place to begin to educate yourself. Once you have figured out what is involved with trading you can open an account with a broker. This will give you the option of a spread betting account, options, futures or even forex trading.

You will find that opening an account is easy and anybody can do this. You will also see that you do not need a lot of money to start trading. By having an account and participating you will be learning firsthand what emotions traders are dealing with on a daily basis. Even if you fail you are at least getting the education and experience needed. This will help you in the job market.

Know The Markets

Another recommendation for new traders who want to be hired by a trading firm is to read up on the markets. There are many books available that will help to educate you on the necessary information you will need to have before you walk into an interview such as how difficult the job is, what kind of emotions you will go through and how hard you will have to work to be successful.


Even though trading is not all math skills as many might thing you might want to brush up on your basic math skills. You will be required to take an aptitude test when you are hired for the job and even though you might be a successful trader if you cannot add properly they will not hire you.

Trading can be a wonderful and rewarding job as long as you know what you are getting yourself into before starting. If this is the career you want you can educate yourself and prepare yourself for the job of your dreams and the possibility of making a lot of money. For more updates you can visit here.
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