October 14, 2012

The facets of currency trading - Steps to set up a demo account

Forex is considered as the largest asset that is traded in the world. Although anyone can trade the forex market now, previously, only the big banks and the large financial institutions with huge capital assets had access to it. It is a very popular trading option where both the risks and the rewards are very high. There are many forex traders who know the tricks of making huge profits without risking a single penny. The demo currency trading accounts are many kinds and they operate in many ways. Although they operate like live funded trading accounts, they carry fake balance. Whether you’re an individual or a bank or hedge fund company, you have to make sure that you create your demo account. Here are some steps to follow.
  • Identify a trustworthy broker: Your first task would be to identify a broker who provides such demo account services. Normally, a trader should always choose a broker who offers you with features that you would actually love to use while funding your real account. Although most brokers offer demo currency trading accounts, you should always choose the one that has your best interests in mind.
  • Click on “free demo account”: When you work with your online broker, your next job is to click on the link that says “open a demo trading account” or a “free practice account”. The other information must be given within the website of the broker.
  • Fill out the sign-up form: Fill out the form that is given in the demo account registration page. Make sure you give them the right e-mail id that you’re using so that they can mail you the status of your demo account registration. Also provide them with your contact number so that they may find it convenient to call you and give you all the login details.
  • Wait for the information: Within this time, you need to wait for the information to arrive at your mailbox. You may also get a call where the agent will tell you details of the ways in which you can log in to your demo trading account.
  • Log in to the page: After you get the details of the username and password, you should log in to the page and create your demo account. Start trading the online currencies through this account.

So, if you’re new into the forex market and you want to know the details on how to create a demo account, consider following the steps mentioned above.


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