June 28, 2010

Your credit card is lost or stolen; How should you deal with this situation?

It is a harrowing experience when you, unfortunately, lose your credit card(s) or you are a victim of theft. This is an appalling circumstance when one wishes to avoid in one’s life. Anyway, your card is lost or stolen and now you have to deal with this precarious situation.

                                           credit card stolen
Report your card theft or missing to your card issuers as early as possible. Your issuer company will not bear any responsibility if your card is used in between the time you part with it and you report for the same to them. So, be careful to contact your creditors at the earliest and tell them what has happened. They will immediately block your card from further usages.

Now, you generally do not keep your issuer number with you always and you might be away from your home where the toll free of your card issuers can be found when the card is lost or stolen. What to do then? Call your friend or any relative who have cards from the same issuers. Get the numbers from them and call the creditors. Alternatively, you can keep the numbers at your mobile draft box.

When you report your card lost and stolen, ask your issuer to send a new card to you. If your account is current and you meet all other card criterion, you are supposed to get a new card with a new card number within 10-14 business days. The card will have the same account number. However, the PIN for that card will also be changed. Most issuers send PIN to the cardholders automatically. You can also request them for the same. If your account has an authorized user, his/her card has to be sent as well. However, if your account is not current, they will still block the card but you will get the card when you bring account to current status clearing off outstanding balance.

It is also advisable to follow up your lost and stolen report with a letter to them. Send them a letter stating your account number, the date when you saw your plastic last and the date when you report the card lost and stolen. Try to send the letter by a registered mail so that you will get a acknowledgement receipt of the same for your future reference.
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June 16, 2010

Let the internet find your private hire insurance

Whether you are using it for shopping online, catching up with friends or simply social networking, no one can deny the impact the Internet has had on most people’s lives. The World Wide Web is now an integral part of most people's daily routine and it is becoming an increasingly useful tool not just for individuals, but also for those in business.

                              private hire insurance

The Internet has taken over the traditional way we shop for services and goods, providing easier and quicker ways to search for even fundamental things such as private hire insurance.

Gone are the days of calling numerous insurance companies, as private hire companies’ turn to the Internet in order to compare a range of insurance quotes in minutes.

There are long lists of benefits for those companies choosing to use the Internet to find insurance quotes. A range of insurers can be contacted in a matter of minutes and the increasing use of instant messaging on company websites, mean customers can clarify any questions they are unsure of.

Although it is worth remembering the Internet is only one way of getting insurance quote comparison, it is the quickest. It benefits anyone who has access to online services and is even suitable for those that consider themselves computer illiterate. Quotes for private hire insurance are affected by factors such as age, gender and the number of drivers being insured so it is important to have all the information to hand when comparing policies.

                                      private hire insurance
The Internet might provide you with the cheapest quote, but it is worth remembering that the cheapest quote isn't necessarily the best. Ensure your policy has all you need, even if it does mean paying that little bit more.
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June 5, 2010

Figure out the different tax deductions avenues? Check out how you can save some bucks from these deductions

There are some avenues of taxes. You pay the taxes but to the IRS, such avenues are not to be covered under the taxation laws. Things like medical expenses, home mortgages, charitable gifts, non-cash contribution and investment rates are not to be taxed. However, a lot of people of are unaware of such avenues from where they can be relieved from the burden of taxes. You can get all this info from the IRS official website or from any tax pro consultant. However, it is unfortunate, that many a people do not take advance of such deductions and keep on paying for something they might not.
tax deductions
I have tried to put a small but effective list which you can glimpse over whenever you go for tax filing. Before that let me inform you that only a tax professional or your tax preparer can judge whether these tax deductions apply to you or not. The list I am giving is not of course a complete list. However, you can get a gist of it. You can get the full info from www.irs.gov website.

Here go some of the deductions, which might apply, to you and you would not like to overlook them.
  • Prescribed medical aids such as canes, crutches orthopedic shoes and so.
  • Expenses you pay for education and to improve your professional skills
  • Expenses for the search of jobs within your field of study and employment
  • Mobile phones which are required for business
  • Charges paid for early withdrawal of savings accounts.
  • Home office expenses, if you home serves as a place of business.
  • Charitable gifts, cash and non-cash, made to any charities.
  • Some singled out stocks and securities which are become worthless and valueless
  • The fees you pay for your tax preparations
  • Half of the self-employment tax will be paid if you are a self-employed.
  • Job related professional magazines, journals and newspapers
  • Expenses incurred for any loss of your property due to natural calamity or theft.
  • Expenses for any research purposes, equipment and supplies.
  • Any real estate taxes.
  • Any employment agency or recruiters’ fees.
To avail of such tax deductions, you must be aware of them first. It is good that you consult a professional regarding this. However, it must do this for your own interest. Visit the site I just showed above and you can get the proper info. Check out the faq page of this site.
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