October 29, 2009

You wish to invest in stock market? How can you start?

invest in stock marketSome of us believe that stock market is very lucrative and all of us accordingly long to invest some money in it. We wish to earn some good money from there. However, do we actually know that share market is not as good as betting, in which fate determines our success? Maybe, we don’t. Putting money in the stock market is an investment. However, unlike other kinds of investments, share market requires a lot of knowledge, study, and research. You cannot just simply put your hard-earned money in the market in the hope that you will get a big gain shortly. This will be foolishness and injudiciousness. Therefore, you need to be a little careful and, of course, updated regarding the latest events in the market. First, make a thorough research about the companies, which you think of investing some pennies in. Check out their company portfolio, how they are growing over the years. Verify that the company you gonna put money in, is yielding periodical profits and that they are made public. You need to know how this company fared in the last quarter. This company should also be paying dividends to its existing shareholders. If you are sure, and feel confident, then go ahead and invest money. Better if you buy some shares in the initial stage and watch how they fare. If all’s OK, then you can purchase some more shares of the same company too.

Diversify your investments. You can buy shares of multiple companies with minimum affordable rates. In this case, you can enjoy good returns from some companies, if not all of them are doing much well. Hold your stocks for some time and wait for the right time to sell.

You have to be very patient with your investment and your expectation of good returns. Remember, there is no easy way to earn money so quickly. Stick to your gut feeling and to the basics. Apply discretion while you go for investment. Read finance related newspapers or magazines for a good overview on the daily stock market. Think more than once before you plunge. You may have to suffer some loss, but do not panic. It happens in any business, especially, if it is stock market. You just need to remember that whatever profit you earn, you should not put all of them again in the market. Keep a portion of them in your savings account and use the other portion for further investment. In this way, you can see some benefits or else, it will the same old story of earning quick and losing quick. So, all the best for your investment.
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October 23, 2009

Festivals around the corner! How do you plan your Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping this season...?

Christmas budgetingFestive seasons are drawing near. It is time to let your hair down. After some hectic months, time has come to relax and go out shopping and celebrate. But, hey! You also need to be careful while you think of planning your budget this season. You need to make sure that you do not come under debt going overboard of your budget. Your spending spree should be at par with your pocket’s health. After all, you would not like biting your nails in tension because of debt, which you might acquire. However, there is always a way out. Just try to be practical you go shopping.

Make a good calculated budget. By calculated budget, I mean, you need to know how much you can afford to spend, and in case, you overdo how you would manage this. You do not need to count penny but it will be judicious if you can predetermine what kinds of gifts you gonna buy, how many gifts can be affordable, what the budget for it and so on. As I mentioned in my previous post, internet is the best medium to look for your shopping. There are enormous resources there. Search as per potential expenditure. Look for those companies who offer free shipping and quick delivery. There you may also find some product offer like “buy one get one free”, "free gifts for some product", "gift voucher" etc. In this way, you can for sure save some bucks. If you go shopping in local outlets, malls and the like, then you had better go through your daily newspapers. There you can see some ads, which offer some discounts periodically. Shop those days when prices of some of the products are relatively low as per the offer. Try to buy in bulk. This will reduce your total cost as some of the shops offer such thing, buy over $0000, and get some percentage of discounts on those. Limit your spending for gifts to as little as possible. You had better also avoid using credit cards; instead try using your debit cards. If possible, cash would be a better idea too. This will surly help you keep a record of your spending as well as some of my dollars. Open a savings account for those fests and deposit some money everyday. This will immensely lead to a good amount of money, which you can use for your shopping. And finally, I would say that you enjoy the holidays with ease, however, just be a little careful while you tend to open your pockets. You will enjoy forever. This is a fact. All the best. And, Happy Thanks Giving day!!
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October 14, 2009

How to use internet to budget for this coming Christmas?

You know that holidays are getting more and more expensive these days. But, festivals are also around the corner and we cannot help shopping for them, be it a downturn in the market. Festivals do not come frequently. Hence, we remain tempted to go shopping for such celebration and if it is Christmas, then we cannot resist. Now the question arises; how to purchase, what to purchase, and how much we can afford to purchase. This is a big concern for us. We wish to come home of Christmas gifts, relishing food items etc. but in this long recession period, we think of walking back and giving a second thought to it. So, it will be highly better if we can first select what to purchase and from where to get them. This is very important. Some outlets may charge less than what we may get from others. So, we have to be judicious in choosing those places from where we can get the best of products. Therefore, we need to know how we can search for this big range of shops, malls, and kiosks. We can use internet for this. This is fast and gives you a vast range of choices. There are innumerable websites online, which provide you with a wide collection of various products to your liking. You can buy from the internet itself. In this case, you just need cards or debit cards. You place orders online and then the merchandise will be shipped to your doorsteps. Take help from giant search engines namely Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Enter your desired product names and you will be promptly directed to those relevant websites, which deal with the products that you may like and wish to buy. You then verify the prices and go for them either online or to the nearest outlets with the help of the address given in the respective websites. So, be wise in making your choices so that you do not need to hesitate to purchase your favorite gift or so. Happy buying! All the best.
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